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Introduction To GB Pet Sitters Franchise

Professional Pet Sitting


The industry of professional pet sitting is one of the fastest growing entrepreneurial endeavours in the UK and other developed, service driven economies around the globe. The industry continues to grow to meet the needs of families and individuals with pets. It also offers a business opportunity in a field with tremendous growth potential for those individuals or families with little capital to invest, but who want to become independent of corporate lifestyles or free from the economic stresses of 9.00am - 5.00pm working.


Pets have become an increasingly integral and important part of people’s lives and those required to work long hours or away from home, or travel on holiday are in need of reliable pet care services. The demand for highly skilled and knowledgeable operators currently outstrips supply.



GB Pet Sitters was established on the back of the success of Nottingham Pet Sitters (Flagship Operation, established in 2001). Nottingham Pet Sitters commenced trading with a small dedicated team of 2 full-time staff and now has a client base in excess of 1000.  Subsequent operations in various locations around the UK are also market leaders.  We have a total of 31 franchisees in various stages of development.


The business has enjoyed tremendous year on year growth and GB Pet Sitters hope to replicate this success throughout the franchise network, utilising both an already successful proposition, with an organic business that allows new ideas and concepts to filter from the bottom upwards. As the first ever pet care franchise to operate without a franchise licence fee, GB Pet Sitters are choosing business leaders of the future, not unsuitable franchisees with capital to invest.


We will ensure that GB Pet Sitters franchisees continute to lead the way with training, new services and developments in the pet care industry.

Pet Franchise - Rewards

Make no mistake, operating a pet sitting and dog walking franchise is a full-time occupation which requires a high level of dedication and determination to succeed.  The best pet care franchise areas are those that will inconvenience themselves for the benefit of their clients.  For instance in Nottinghamshire, we work on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and all other major holidays for the same price as every other day in the year.  This helps to foster trust and a high level of repeat business.


Lifestyle Change:


The greatest reward from a pet sitting and dog walking franchise is the lifestyle change that it brings.  Gone are the long commutes, battling rush hour traffic, persistent cold & flu from the workplace and having someone else managing your time.  In comes a defined working area predominantly outside of the chaotic town/city centre, core working hours outside of traditional traffic congestion times, improved cardiovascular health from daily dog walking, an improved immune system away from the exposure to cold & flu and viruses picked up in the workplace and the autonomy to manage your own personal and business expectations.


Working from Home:


Working from home has many benefits.  Your family/partner will see much more of you. You can play a greater part in their lives, something you may not have had the luxury of doing before. Similarly, they may be able to help with your work.  It is also inexpensive to set up home working.  You will need a home PC and broadband.


Financial Rewards:


Every pet sitting business/franchise area is completely diverse.  The potential growth is strong for those that are dedicated, patient and hard working. Expect to earn £12,000-£18,000 in year 1, £18,000-£26,000 in year 2 and £26,000+ in year 3.  We have established franchisees earning in excess of £70,000 a year.  

Dog Walker at the Park

Pet Franchise - Package

What We Offer

  •  The GB Pet Sitters Franchise Manual, which details all facets of our operations;

  • A professional multipage website, fully optimised for web, mobile and tablets, not just a single page on a National site;

  • Full SEO of your website to ensure it ranks highly in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN;

  • Full Social Media integration, including Facebook, Twitter and Google+;

  • Your own domain name and personalised professional email account;

  • Access to a wide range of business software;

  • Training opportunities to include shadowing a professional franchisee and business and pet care qualifications ran in conjunction with Lantra;

  • Help with building strategic relationships in your area with local animal charities and media/publications;

  • Full marketing and operational support, including access to professional flyers, business cards, adverts, corporate clothing and pet sitting contracts;

  • Access to our Social Media groups, where franchisees network and share ideas and information;

  • Help with building a successful team and keeping the business at the forefront of changes in the pet sitting industry.

Franchise Operating Costs


Operating costs are low and and include marketing and vehicle expenses.  


Our Quarterly Royalty of 7.5% of turnover covers all of your ongoing support and assistance.  We waive this Royalty in the first six months of trade to allow new franchisees greater financial freedom in the early stages of development.  At GB Pet Sitters we believe in rewarding loyalty. We also offer a totally unique 'Right To Buy Scheme' for successful franchise areas, allowing franchisees to buy out their Royalties to make substantial long term savings.  At no other pet franchise in the UK, do franchisees enjoy a variety of ownership options, designed to aid the franchisee.


To operate a GB Pet Sitters franchise you require a suitable vehicle, a personal computer or tablet dedicated for business use and basic equipment for your home office. You should also consider provision for working capital in the early stages of trade.  

Secure Your Territory

The right to operate a GB Pet Sitters franchise means that we need to learn about you, your skills, background and ambitions.  It is essential that both parties can work in harmony over the long term.


The first stage is to complete a franchise application form.  You can request a copy by emailing, you can download a copy by clicking here or the easiest method is to use our interactive application form on this website click here.  Please send all completed application forms to:


GB Pet Sitters Franchise

FAO Paul Swift





NG25 0QP


On receipt of your application we will contact you via telephone for an initial discussion, answering any questions you may have and giving you a greater insight in to operating a GB Pet Sitters franchise.  


Should you wish to progress your interest further, you will be invited to Nottinghamshire to meet the team at head office.  You will be given all the information required to be able to make an informed decision as to whether the opportunity is right for you. 

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